Faded on Guitar

Memories, dreams or fantasy! It doesn’t feel real anymore and is faded like the lost city of Atlantis. This is my guitar cover of the song “Faded” by Alan Walker.

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Faded – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

“Faded” is a song by Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker. I play a Fingerstyle guitar arrangement of the song by Gareth Evans. I like both the electronic and instrumental versions of the song, it is just brilliant! Also dancing on this song is very cool 😉 .
I use many Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques that I learned from Tomi Paldanius and I practice a lot to improve my guitar skills. My home studio setup is getting more and more sophisticated as well. This should reflect as an improvement in my guitar playing and the recording quality. At least, I hope so!

Do you like my guitar cover of the song Faded?

I would be surprised if you say no! Here is a trick: listen to it simultaneously with the official YouTube video of “Faded” by Alan Walker.
Anyway, I will be very happy to receive a feedback. Let me know what you think!

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(Alan Walker) Faded - Alaa Khreis
(Alan Walker) Faded - Alaa Khreis

"Faded" by Alan Walker arranged by Gareth Evans and played on Guitar by Alaa Khreis.

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