Pirates of the Caribbean on Guitar

He’s jumping between the boats like a Pirate. He’s a Pirate!

To the awesome people who make me inspired!

My first guitar recording!

Perhaps I forgot to tell you that I play Guitar.

No I didn’t, it was intentional 😉 Surprise!!!

So, here is my first attempt to record a track. Enjoy!

Making beautiful art is fun, making perfect art is pain! I hope you like it anyway.

Is it any good? Hey be nice! you don’t have a choice here 😉

What’s next? You can expect pretty much anything. I have no idea what’s next

The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme song

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie includes many sound tracks credited to the composer Klaus Badelt and producer Hans Zimmer. ‘He’s a Pirate’ is one of those tracks and it is the one that I am playing in the video. The arrangement of this track for guitar is done by Wolfgan Vrecun and is made very famous by Sungha Jung who’s cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song has currently over 49 million views on YouTube. Impressive!! I play in this video the same arrangement with few modifications. But of course, there is no comparison between Sungha’s performance and mine. I am playing guitar for pleasure only!!

Updates (May 2017)

After almost a year of recording this song, I can play it much better but will not do a duplicate recording. You should listen to me playing it live 😉

Pirates of the Caribbean - Alaa Khreis
Pirates of the Caribbean - Alaa Khreis

'He's a pirate' from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song played on Guitar by Alaa Khreis.

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