River Flows in You on Guitar

This is a waltz dedicated to a beautiful dancer!

I hope you like it! Enjoy the dance 😉

A guitar song, from Yiruma’s “First Love” album

“River Flows in You” is a composition for solo piano composed by South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma, and engraved in his second disc of 2001 First Love, along with other famous melodies like “Kiss the Rain” and “Maybe”. It is arranged for Guitar by Sungha Jung.
At times sweet and slow but becoming stronger as the song progresses, it represents the epitome of love and what loving someone actually means.

Not a happy ending!

Sadly, the beautiful dancer didn’t care about it! But there are no regrets, just memories made!
Life goes on …

(Yiruma) River Flows in You - Alaa Khreis
(Yiruma) River Flows in You - Alaa Khreis

"River Flows in You" by Yiruma arranged by Sungha Jung and played on Guitar by Alaa Khreis.

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