Chocolate, Beer and Fries – Couchsurfing in Belgium

This little peeing boy in Belgium, Manneken-Pis, everywhere…
Manneken-Pis (the peeing boy)

Now you know why: too much beer.
Save water! Drink Belgian beer!

They even got beer pipelines!
Beer Pipelines

A Beer museum in Brussels main square.
Belgian Beer Museum

Actually, Bruges is a lot better than what you see in the movie “In Bruges”.
In Bruges

Here is another view.
A River in Belgium

Our Couchsurfing host Vergean is a very bright man with a nice sens of humor!
A dinner with our Couchsurfing Host

He also took us in a fascinating tour through Verrewinkel forest.
Bending Trees in Verrewinkel Forest

And invited us to play 8-Ball Pool Billiard at the local bar with him and his friends.
Billiardo in the Local Bar

A day with Alice and Zoe, travelers that we met in Bruges. It was in Halloween!
The picture on the right shows that we visited a museum :p
Halloween with Alice, Zoe and Jad

“We had a lot of fun trying out the giant hamster-wheel (or medieval crane, depends on what you call it)”, as says Joyce, a very cool Dutch couchsurfer.
Joyce and the Medieval Crane

Solve the riddle to get free cycles! The first guests to bring the cycles home 😀
Solving the Riddle

The reward is some cool reflections and views while cycling in Bruges!
Cool reflections in Bruges

The chocolate factory makes chocolate robots, yummy!
Belgian Chocolate Robots

The Dutch seem to be “decent” Pokemon Go players!
Pokemon Go players in BrusselsFew days before the trip, two Korean girls were trying to hatch Pokemon eggs in metro line 6 and asked me what level did I reach.
Hmhm… I didn’t really know what to say because I never actually played Pokemon Go, my Bot did!

This trip to Belgium was fun and brings some good memories, six months later!

Chocolate, Beer and Fries - Couchsurfing in Belgium
Article Name
Chocolate, Beer and Fries - Couchsurfing in Belgium
Couchsurfing in Belgium! Bruges, Brussels, the locals and the tourists we met are awesome. Without forgetting the chocolate, beer and fries!
Alaa Khreis

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