Foolish Adventures at Étretat

Breakfast with my buddies at Étretat

Hey buddies! It’s another memorable Sunday full of adventures at Étretat with awesome friends.

A Sunday at Étretat

We woke up early, ready for the adventure and here we goooo go goooo.
3 2 1 Go Go Go
Found a great spot for breakfast after hiking the cliffs of Étretat!
Breakfast with my buddies at Étretat
Here is a view of the town from the cliffs.
Stunning Cliff-Side Town
The town center of Étretat is very cozy.
Etretat Town Center
And we’re on the beach!
Courageous and Foolish Photo
I reckon it’s not a sunny day :p
Cliffs at Etretat
But look on the bright side, Claude Monet painted this view.
Claude Monet The Cliffs at Etretat
And this one was taken in the morning. Can you spot the cave in those two pictures?
Cave Water Level Change
Ohh! The ocean level rised.
After the Foolish Swim
But this photo has another story.

Swimming against the current!

After a small tour in the city it was time to fight the wind and jump into the cold water. There was a floating structure in the ocean (somewhere behind Jad) that appeared as a dot from the shore and you probably guessed it: we decided to swim and reach this platform! I don’t have a good estimate of the distance that we had to swim but it was a ‘now or never’ moment. So let’s do it!

I swam half way through and still felt okay, I could see the structure getting closer so I continued to do more strokes. Later at some point most of my efforts were just fighting the current without getting me closer to the finish line. Reaching the spot was just the first half of the adventure. The platform was shaking and the weather started getting more windy, so every minute abroad made me more dizzy. The situation became worse after 30 minutes. We had to jump back into the water to go back, but can we swim this distance again? Luckily, we go back in the same direction of the current.

Reaching the shore together was a big relief and after a long rest on the beach we took a picture of glory to remember the adventure and ended the day with a very delicious seafood.

Yummy Seafood
Next destination: Cyprus!

Foolish Adventures at Étretat
Article Name
Foolish Adventures at Étretat
Hey buddies! It is another memorable Sunday. We woke up early, ready for the adventure and here we goooo go goooo to Étretat!
Alaa Khreis

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