London Baby! (Friends) Great Friends!

The Red Telephone Box London

It’s London baby! But it’s not only London, it’s London with great friends. I enjoyed this trip with you guys and had a great year! Here are some memories from the farewell trip.

Video Footage from London

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
History of London act
Rafael helping the Street Performer
Diwali Festival
Behind the scene while shooting a movie

Everything is not Right

You walk, cycle and drive not on the right side!
Add to this the fact that the green light is lesbian!
Lesbian Traffic Green Light
There is an umbrella shop!
Umbrella Shop London
We had an English breakfast and later a desert in a fancy place! This is how a lady responded with a nice smile when I asked to take a chair in the restaurant: “Come on! Take the chair and f*** off! Whatever!”
English Breakfast


The following picture is not taken from ‘Age of Empires’ game, it’s the Tower of London.
Tower of London
The British Museum is actually The Egyptian Museum. The mummies are incredible!
The British Museum

The Millennium bridge before the Death Eaters attack (Harry Potter movie).
Millennium Bridge London
London Eye, it looks magical!
London Eye
The Big Ben on top of Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben
Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge


The Royal tour guide said to an American tourist:”How do you dare bring Fish and Chips to this Royal Palace? Are you American Sir?”.
The other thing I remember from the guided tour is Henry VIII saying to each of his six wives “I will love you until the end of your life”. Most of them ended up beheaded, divorced or mysteriously dead :p
Royal Palaces Tour Guide
The London Dungeon:
Rafael lost hope in life.
I totally failed to look like someone who is going to be beheaded.
Marwa is just awesome!
London Dungeon Beheaded
You Rock Rafael! I miss you each time I get a chocolate pudding after lunch, but not only that. Marwa and Antonio, you are great friends 🙂 I hope you are doing well and can’t wait to see you again!

London Baby! (Friends) Great Friends!
Article Name
London Baby! (Friends) Great Friends!
It's London baby! But it's not only London, it's London with great friends. Here are some memories from the farewell trip.
Alaa Khreis

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