Another Summer in Paris

Visiting places in Paris is nice, but meeting people and visiting those places with friends, tourists and strangers makes it an amazing experience. I spent another summer in Paris and still there. In this post I share pictures of some activities in summer 2015.

Friedemut was a friendly German exchange student that I met at Supélec. He organized with his girlfriend Stefanie a farewell party. Good luck whatever you’re doing these days!
Stefanie and Friedemut

I invited my sister Dima to visit Paris and here is Dima climbing the Eiffel tower. We made it all the way up to the second floor. That is 704 steps on the stairs!
Dima Up to the Second Floor on Foot
And we continued to the top of the tower. We were up and the sun is going down. A perfect afternoon and the view live is thousand times even better that what you can see in the picture.
The View from the Top of the Eiffel Tower
From this angle, you can see the Arc de Triomphe in the backround.
From the Top of the Eiffel Tower
On our way back, we met tiny people dancing in Trocadéro. And Wow, they are so young and sooooooooooo cute! They dance, they fall, they get up and continue dancing!!!
A Cute Couple Dancing
This is the famous “I love you” wall. The lady is Dima my sister! lol ????
I Love You Wall with my Sister Dima
A walk in the streets of paris with friends and an american tourist.
A Walking Tour with Friends
A lunch with friends and tourists at Jad’s place.
Lunch with Ukrainian Tourists
Below the center of the Eiffel tower with friends and tourists ????
Below the Center of the Eiffel Tower
Jad and I organized this picnic and we sent an open invitation for people to join us! Many of them arrived after taking this picture and we are still in touch with some of the participants. It is really amazing to meet new people in Paris.
Organizing a Picnic
This was a great picnic too!
Also with friends and tourists in front of Moulin Rouge.
Moulin Rouge with Russian Tourists
This is Sacré Coeur in the background and the lady holding the camera shooted fascinating pictures (below).
Sacre Coeur with Friends and Tourists
This picture was taken by Svitlana Trukhachova during a fireshow. Unbelievable!
Fireshow at Montmartre 1 A Photo by Svitlana Trukhachova
So is this one. I couldn’t decide which one is better, so I put both of them.
Fireshow at Montmartre 2 A Photo by Svitlana Trukhachova
With Darine and Jad. Every time we visit Sacré Coeur, we sit down here and listen to this guitar player.
We Always Find this Guitar Player
Yeah, I know. Beautiful ladies ????
With Beautiful Ladies
Visiting the Eiffel tower with other tourists traveling the world. Just happy about being in paris and meeting new people.
Eiffel Tower with Tourists
Time goes by, but those great moments will be remembered.
Fascinating Eiffel Tower Group Photo

Warm Greetings to the people who made my summer not just another summer in Paris!

Friends, family, tourists and locals that I met, without forgetting my colleagues at Siemens for whom I dedicated another post My internship at Siemens.

If it happens that you read this article, let me know by leaving a comment 😉

Another Summer in Paris
Article Name
Another Summer in Paris
I spent another summer in Paris and still there, meeting people and visiting nice places with them makes living in this city an amazing experience.
Alaa Khreis

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