I want to start blogging

First, when I decided to have my own website I thought about it as a portfolio and maybe later I will start blogging. In addition, I wanted to experiment more with wordpress.

Today, I decided to use it to write ideas, diaries, thoughts and more details I have in mind instead of showing only highlights and achievements. That is why I wrote only few posts so far. A few days ago, I had to restore an older version of the website because my free shared hosting service decided to deactivate my account. This was the first time I had to recover the website and I was lucky to have a good backup. It was not very easy, but now I have a procedure to restore the website in few minutes in case it goes down and I loose the data on the server. I expect that the posts won’t be vanishing!

A lot of stuff happened in my life since the last posts in this blog. I noticed that some life events can be forgotten, or it is more accurate to say, not easily remembered. I don’t want to have a specific audience reading this, everything I want is to store some memories and ideas and knowing that what I write is publically shared is a new experience.

I will continue writing later… Good bye for now.

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