Hola Barcelona!

Architecture in Catalonia

Hola! Here is a post about my trip to Barcelona (Spain, Catalonia) with some friends in May 2015. I will take you in a short tour in Barcelona to explore the city where the Catalans lived, the architecture and some awesome places.

After landing in barcelona on wednesday 30 may at night, we checked in our hostel located in La Barceloneta and discovered the surrounding area: the beach and bay of barcelona, restaurants and open spaces.

Barceloneta Bay nearby our hostelBarceloneta Bay
Thanks to a tour guide in a free guided tour that we did the next day, we learned some history about Catalonia as written here Catalonia. Shortly, Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain that has a very marked culture of its own, most evidently of Mediterranean tradition, and is distinguished of most other Spanish regions in several aspects.
The next picture is representing a Catalan tradition: A castel. Catalan are famous in building the largest human towers. Yup, this used to be a tower of humans standing on top of each others in festivals.

Castell: Catalan Human Tower

A castell (Catalan pronunciation: [kəsˈteʎ]) is a human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia.

Gothic Architecture
Architecture in Catalonia
Barcelona StreetsSenyera: Catalan FlagsFlags of CataloniaYou can also find modern art and Graphitti in the cityGraphitti After walking in narrow streets with no GPS but a tour guide, you always end up in plaza. In case, you are lost in the streets it would take around 2 hours to find your way back home 😉Plazas in BarcelonaAfter the guided tour, it was a good idea to lay on the beach 🙂 and escape a raining weekend in Paris. By the way, the sand of the beach is brought from Egypt!
It is time to taste spanish food: Tapas!TapasThen go to Plaça d’Espagna and admire the fountain’s light show
Plaça d'EspagnaFountainsYeah! What a Day… Time to sleep and save some energy for tomorrow: Buenas Noches!

The second day (friday 15 may) started with a modest breakfast at our hostel. We went to Plaça de Catalunya.Plaça de CatalunyaSagrada Família.Sagrada FamíliaAnother must see building by Antoni Gaudí.Antoni GaudíAnd of course, we are in Barcelona! I am not a fan but I can’t be in Barcelona without visiting Camp NouCamp NouOur last day during this trip (I would not say in Barcelona because I will go back again some day for sure) was an adventure. We decided to go by bike up to Montjuïc, cycling on flat surface near the beach and going up to the fortress. I will let the pictures speak.Barceloneta Bay ViewBike tripCycling upMontjuïc FortressMontjuïc Fortress Catalan FlagWich Way?All the way down to eat Paella near the statue of Christopher Columbus. By the way, if it happens and you decide to visit Barcelona after reading this post. Go and ask the locals where to find good (real) Paella.Christopher ColumbusPaellaThe last night in Barcelona, we did stay awake and discover the night life and sleep on our way back to Paris.

I have no doubt that you will start planning to visit Barcelona after reading this article. Am I right?

Hola Barcelona!
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Hola Barcelona!
Hola! Here is a post about my trip to Barcelona (Spain, Catalonia) with some friends in May 2015.
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