My Experience at the LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE

Being Chair of the LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE was an amazing and beneficial experience. I had the chance to work with many motivated people and received huge support from the professors (especially Dr. Abed Ellatif SAMHAT). We made many achievements this year as Student Branch and I am confident that the new committees will achieve even more.

The LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE was officially formed in 12 August 2013 resulting from a petition signed by twelve (12) IEEE Student Members at the faculty and three (3) professors including the current Student Branch Counselor Dr. Abed Ellatif SAMHAT and submitted by me (Alaa KHREIS).

We started by a meeting in 1 October 2013 to create the plan of activities for the academic year 2013/2014, beside our participation in organizing the IEEE Day 2013 Lebanon Event. Following this meeting, the first local event was a competitive programming workshop to help us getting ready to IEEEXtreme 7.0. The collaboration with the Lebanon Section and the Lebanese Student Branches was very important and beneficial, we succeeded to invite speakers from outside the faculty to participate at our events. IEEEXtreme 7.0 was a major activity, the support from the Student Council and faculty administration to provide dorms for participating students and other facilities was remarkable and the results were very satisfactory. During the year we organized more than six (6) presentations including one presentation in the main hall in association with the Science Club at the faculty, in addition to four (4) administrative meetings. Other events like the National Instruments workshop in May 2014, and the Local Programming Competition 1.0 had great participation (more than 66 participants in the local programming competition). The last achievement this year was our participation in the IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress 2014 Krakow, August 6 – August 10 in Krakow, Poland. At the last meeting this academic year we completed the first transition and announced the results of the election of the new Student Branch committees for the academic year 2014/2015.

I would like to mention that the faculty administration, the student council, the existing student organizations at the faculty, the professors and motivated students supported the IEEE Student Branch in all the activities and provided every possible help.

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LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE
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LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE
As a founder of the LUFE-III Student Branch of IEEE, I proudly present my experience as an IEEE member and past chair of this amazing IEEE Student Branch.
Alaa Khreis

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