2nd Mediterranean Students Days @ Campus SophiaTech, March 12-14 2014


This Study Trip was awesome. We visited a huge research campus including multiple research institutes and a University and get introduced to the research teams. The organization of the trip was flawless and everybody was very friendly. It was also a great pleasure to meet students from multiple Mediterranean countries.

About the research campus

They explained to us in the first presentation (Incubateur Paca-Est) how the system works from incubators to entrepreneurs, universities and research institutes located at the same campus to cooperate and create new companies which is really fascinating. During three days, we visited the research institutes (INRIA, EURECOM, I3S and LEAT), we listened to many interesting presentations by the research teams explaining the scientific aspects of their research and goals. In addition to presentations by the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and EURECOM about the study opportunities. We also had also the chance to meet the researchers and speak to them and ask them everything we had in mind.

About the trip

At night, after the end of the program we visited Monaco, Cannes and Antibes (other students visited Nice the city). We spent wonderful time and one of the visits was more like an adventure… I could say that we benefited from all the free time we had for tourism. The accommodation and our stay at CIV was good.


Definitely, I am very attracted to come back to SophiaTech again and continue parts of my studies there. The orientation we received there was very useful and helped me to make some decisions about my future studies. I am very thankful for Dr. Amjad HAJJAR for recommending me and for the organizing committee for the efforts they made to organize the study trip and there invitation. I will continue next year a research master degree (M2) in “Advance Wireless communication Systems” at Supelec, Paris… one step closer to Nice hopefully. I think that many of my classmates and students are also interested in participating at the next Meddays. A short advice: search about the study opportunities before the trip and ask about the progress toward an exchange program earlier (LU students are concerned).

Official Website

Meddays2014 http://leat.unice.fr/MEDDAYS2014/


Meddays2015: http://leat.unice.fr/MEDDAYS2015

2nd Mediterranean Student Days
Article Name
2nd Mediterranean Student Days
Medddays2014 is a study trip to the SophiaTech Campus at Sophia Antipolis. I was selected by Inria to participate at the Mediterranean days 2014.
Alaa Khreis

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