Summertime in Paris

Eiffel tower

I was suprised when my father told us that he booked tickets to Paris in summer 2014. We always had plans to go somewhere in Europe, but I never took it seriously. Later, in 30 April I was accepted in Central Supélec to pursue a master degree. It was a very nice coincidence.

We started planning our journey one month before visiting Paris, with the help of my father and some suggestions from mom, Ribal (my brother) and Dima (my sister). I used google maps to mark the places that we intend to visit and then we made a plan for our journey ( Our guide: visiting Paris). We did not stick to the plan as it is but it was very useful.

It is really exiting to go to Paris with my family knowing that I will stay there for a year most likely! I was not planning what happens after this week, rather I was focused on enjoying everyday and making the best of it. We visited the most known locations in Paris and had great fun. The hotel was also amazing! It is located in Vaugirard street near Montparnasse, in the center of Paris. They even have a kinect in the salon. We also found a very nice park nearby where all the family played ping pong once. I will let the pictures describe the days of this visit.

18 August 2014
Yeah!!! In Beirut Airport on our way to Paris.Flying to Paris
19 August 2014
With my mom in Trocadero, just in front of the Eiffel tower.Tour Eiffel behind me and my mom
20 August 2014
Place de la Concord, near Champs ElyséesPlace de la Concord, near Champs Elysées.
21 August 2014
Palace of VersaillesVersailles
I can’t find the pictures of 22 August anymore!

23 August 2014
Ping Pong olympic games 🙂The ping pong olympic games :-)
24 August 2014
Louvre Museum, in front of the Monalisa!Louvre in front of the Monalisa
25 August 2015
Dima’s Birthday: She eats the “tarte” and I take a bite!!Dima's Birthday
During the last few days, I had to bring my bags to Orsay, the location of the student residence. This day we had to buy a “croissant” from a shop in the metro station to get some exchange and use it to buy the ticket for the RER. This is not everything because we also took the RER B going in a wrong direction!

RER B. Where are you driving me? I want to go to Orsay-Ville!

RER B. Where are you driving me? I want to go to Orsay-Ville!

Nowadays, time has passed and I am getting used to the life abroad. This week with the family was unforgettable.

Summertime in Paris
Article Name
Summertime in Paris
One week of tourism in Paris with my Family in August 2015. But this is not everything, I am staying to study in Paris.
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