A weekend in Pisa for a price of a Pizza

It is astonishing how cheap you can travel in Europe. I paid only € 25 for a round trip flight between Paris and Pisa on February 2015! And that was a really amazing spontaneous weekend in Pisa and Florence with awesome friends.

Traveling to Italy

3 2 1 Go!
321 Go

Italian Food

Of course, the first thing that you want to do in Pisa is to eat Pizza and mingle with italian people. Upon arrival, we met Chiara (a very cute italian lady) who took us for a walk around the city. We concluded the tour by eating Pizza and Ice cream! Ooops sorry if I am making you feel hungry at this moment …
Pizza in Pisa


This did not conclude the night, we were very energetic and wanted to go to see the Pisa tower at night. The light reflexions at the Arno river grabbed our attention.
Arno River reflections at night
And that is the Arno river in daylight, or me showing off LOL nevermind.
Arno River Daylight

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Anyway, we sneaked around to prepare a magic trick 😉 Do you recall, not long ago… (you know the rest of the song, don’t you?)
Leaning On Pisa Tower
The next morning, the Pisa tower needed some tweaking. The Hulk is coming to Italy!
Kicking Pisa Tower
And we are ready for the illusion. Tadaaaaa!
Hugging Pisa Tower


We spent the rest of the weekend in Florence! I admire the city architecture and the conviviality of the people.
Here is a view of the city from Piazzale Michelangelo.
Awesome View of Florence 3
And another one with my awesome crazy friends 🙂With my Awesome Friends
From another spot, my friend Jad took a very nice shot of the city of Florence.
Florence by Jad Nehme
You cannot visit an Italian city without trying the restaurants. Specially, if you’re going to visit some recommended restaurants by locals.
Fancy Italian Restaurant
We were very lucky ’cause it was the first Sunday of the month. The entrance tickets for all the museums are free.
Italian Art
You don’t know what was going on behind the camera…
Awesome View of Florence 1
This weekend concluded with great memories of Italy and unforgettable moments.
Thinking about what’s next, I end this post with special thanks to my special friends!

A weekend in Pisa for a price of a Pizza
Article Name
A weekend in Pisa for a price of a Pizza
That was an amazing weekend in Pisa and Florence with awesome friends! Great Italian people, delicious food and tricky pictures with the Pisa tower.
Alaa Khreis

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