Accomplishments and projects can be more useful if well documented. In this page, you find interesting projects that are either academic or individual projects. Among those projects are the ones listed in this page. Other older projects such as “Sudoku World” and the FTHM faculty website were not documented on my website. The point is that if you make a good project or had a good life experience, take time to document it and it will be remembered forever, at least by yourself. So here are my projects!

My internship at Siemens

My internship at Siemens

As part of my master’s studies, I did an internship at Siemens (France). They contacted me to propose the internship following my participation at the Forum CentraleSupélec. The internship is about evaluating the impact of introducing…

Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) Schemes

Finite state Markov chain analysis of Hybrid Automatic Repeat request (HARQ) schemes Professors: Francesca Bassi, Pierre Duhamel Students: Shu Hao Yang , Alaa Khreis (me) CentraleSupélec, L2S February – March 2015 First Meeting (6 february 2015)…