My internship at Siemens

My internship at Siemens

As part of my master’s studies, I did an internship at Siemens (France). They contacted me to propose the internship following my participation at the Forum CentraleSupélec. The internship is about evaluating the impact of introducing Quality of Service on Wireless Links for Communication Based Train Control. Roughly, autonomous and partially autonomous trains exchange control information, voice and video traffic with the infrastructure on the wayside. The current version of the product that handles the communication (called Airlink) has currently a non optimized Quality of Service on the wireless links i.e. prioritizing the traffic efficiently. The implementation of IEEE 802.11 task force E (also optimizing it) can potentially bring a huge improvement. I analyzed the protocol (mathematical analysis and ns-3 simulations) and implemented it on the real system.

Siemens Mobility R&D Team

This picture was taken the last day of my internship with the interns and the Mobility R&D team at Siemens. It was very hard to say goodbye to those guys. The work environment was very convivial and friendly. They made my internship unforgettable.
Siemens Mobility Team
Following is a group photo of the attendees of my last presentation at Siemens. You can see in the picture from left to right:
Nicolas Cravoisy
Raphaelle De Lajudie-Dezellus
Mathieu Rivoalen
Anne Sophie Chazel
Philippe Westeel
Agnes Borot
Berthome Christian
Laurent Mauvisseau
Siemens Presentation
This is standalone Bay where most of my platform tests were carried on. It includes plenty of networking devices and powerful computers.

Working at Siemens was an opportunity to meet great people such as my supervisor Anne Sophie Chazel. Although I discussed with her about my project only during the meetings and presentations due to her tight schedule, she is aware of every detail of the project and she asked very interesting questions during the meetings. It is a great pleasure to work under the supervision and guidance of an expert.
Philippe Da Silva is my mentor, he provided very good technical help in configuring the system. I used a lot the documents that he prepared and his ideas were very helpful.
Philippe Da Silva
Mathieu Rivoalen was the expert in the system details, he knows a lot about the system source code and about Linux OS. When nobody else can find a solution to a problem, Mathieu handles the situation.
Mathieu Rivoalen
I had very fruitful discussions about many aspects in life with Philippe Westeel. He is a senior engineer with a lot of expertise and interesting stories to share.
Philippe Westeel
Mark Jerrim is the other intern in our team. He is a very friendly British guy and we spent a lot of time working together. Sadly, I don’t have a picture with Vasken Genc (the guy on the opposite side of the desk) but his is an expert networking engineer who helped me a lot.
Mark Jerrim
And this is me sitting on my desk. It is not mine actually, every morning every employee even the bosses choose randomly any desk in the open space.
Siemens officeBy working at Siemens I met very nice people, learned a lot and made something useful. Also, it is a great feeling to have free weekends without exams especially if you live in Paris! My friends at Siemens, I hope to meet you again but until then I wish you all the best!

My internship at Siemens
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My internship at Siemens
My internship at Siemens was an opportunity to meet great people and learn more about working in an industrial environment. My task was introducing QoS features on Wireless Links for CBTC.
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