Introducing Coccinelle

Coccinelle, an acronym for ‘Cross-layer Optimization of Cooperative and Coordinative Schemes for Next Generation Cellular Networks’ is the topic of my future PhD at the University of Paris-Saclay.

As a PhD student, I will be supervised by two well-known senior researchers (Philippe Ciblat from Telecom ParisTech, and Pierre Duhamel from CNRS) and one young researcher (Francesca Bassi from CNRS). After discussing and exchanging information during previous related PhD thesis that they supervised, they decided to merge their complementary forces to solve the next challenges and obtain impressive results. I will enjoy working in their team during the next three years and will be located at Télécom ParisTech in the group Digital Communications and have a strong interaction with the other supervisors in L2S (Laboratoire des Signaux et Systemes) at CentraleSupélec.

A multi-user/multi-node networkIn the framework of Coccinelle, we use Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request. But, with multi-user or multi-node resource allocation. One of the resources is the power that will be allocated for each HARQ round on a subcarrier. How multiple sources, sinks and relays are going to cooperate or coordinate with each other to achieve efficient HARQ retransmission is also a main question. The state of the art is HARQ without Relaying. When it comes to a multi-user or multi-node context, there is only few very recent works. In Coccinelle, we aim to find an impressive result and good approach to attack this open problem.

This thesis project was ranked first in a competition to obtain the Digiteo/Digicosme thesis grant. The competition included an evaluation of the thesis topic and an audition where I presented Coccinelle in front of a Jury representing the institutions of the mega-university of Paris-Saclay.

Update: I wrote this post before the beginning of my PhD which has started in the first of october 2015.

Article Name
Cross-layer Optimization of Cooperative and Coordinative Schemes for Next Generation Cellular Networks (Coccinelle)
Alaa Khreis

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